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I should get my bento stuff from Ichibankan tomorrow.
And hopefully my microSD soon after.
My mom let me buy some books to read(because she doesn't like me spending hours staring at a computer screen, reading downloaded .pdf's of books), so I have Lirael and Abhorsen in hardcover on the way(each less than a dollar, Sabriel cost too much for my liking, I'll wait for it), Across the Wall: Tales of the Abhorsen and Other Stories(which I haven't read yet), Truesight(which I have but I want a copy of my own to reread), and Trickster's Choice(To complete the set, I have Trickster's Queen).
If you can't tell by now I've gotten to the point where I'm in no hurry to get a book first or asap, I'd rather wait until something is as cheap as possible(less than a dollar, preferably) and then buy a used or slightly used hardcover. I also only spent $23 and mom said I could spend $50, so that leaves $27 left for me to spend on the next round. I want to see if I can get the rest of the Uglies Trilogy, Sabriel, and Otherspace a month or so from now.

rant about books and the availability of them here.Collapse )

Dyed my hair today. it's a plumish-ness color again. Which I like. I covered my 5 subject notes book in duct tape in the hopes of keeping the covers from falling off a bit longer. mom got me these huge 20-sheet sketchpads which I should have some fun with before classes start up again.
I have a few more goals for the week:
1. figure out how to make E62 thememaker software work.
2. Start WRITING again.
3. sketch a map for ancient fantasy world that I write about.
4. make up a new language using the guidlines in zompist. And make a dictionary using one of the small blank books I have.
5. beat the Sim Theme Park Game(again)
6. make copies of several maps of my favorite fantasy/scifi places and put them on the walls of my room, or prepare them for my dorm room.

Oh, and I got a new comforter for next year. It's from the same brand as my first one, a $300 comforter we got for $25, and it's black instead of multicoloured. I might go for a more "gothic" look for my side of the room this year.

Avatars I've found=people I know






and this one:

is Jame's roommates...
More to appear.
Well James just broke up with me.
It's official.
I kinda don't know what to do....
And I keep just crying...really silently.
Funny that he chose a day when he knew all his friends and my friends would be busy with a party and then a football game.
and apparently "it's hard for others to love you if you don't love yourself."
Well it's hard to you to love yourself is no one loves you to begin with!
It's a vicious cycle and I'm quite used to it!
But it's really hard to like myself when all I find are bad qualities.
And now it's probably going to be worse.


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